The Timoz Edge

We make our Cajons to cater to everyone – whether you are a professional musician or a new player, young or old, our Cajons can be played by all

Superior Acoustic Tuning 
Through its precise dimensions and engineering, TiMOZ Cajons are designed to produce a rich tone, greater acoustic projection, and maximum resonance

A Wide Range Of Sound 
TiMOZ Cajons have a unique adjustable snare system and slap corners that produce distinct bass, snare and slap tones. Our Cajons respond to even a light touch

Detailed Craftsmanship 
Our selection of solid quality wood, professional craftsmanship and handling results in superior build quality for every single piece. We even use antioxidant screws to keep them looking brand new and rust-free

We take great pride in designing and our building Cajons. Pick one up, feel it and play it, you’ll know that our Cajons are made by music lovers